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Vireya Chiffon Halo

'Chiffon Halo'                                     
R. aurigeranum x (Dr. Sleumer x R. leucogigas)

Large, fragrant,  pink flowers to cream then to
yellow centers. The flowers darken several shades as it ages. Upright, sturdy grower.  Blooms young, good repeat bloomer.     

Vireya Clare Elsie

'Clare Elsie'                                       
R. leucogigas X (R. konori x R. laetum)

Large, fragrant, white flowers with a hint of pink and pink dots where petals meet.  Upright, sturdy, thick stemmed grower.                  $20.00                                                             

'Clare Rouse'                           
R. christianae X R. laetum

Small bi-color flowers of red-orange/yellow on a compact, upright, bushy shrub.  Good repeat bloomer.                                               $15.00

Vireya 'Coral Sea'

'Coral Sea'                               
'Pink Delight' X 'Simbu Sunset'

Medium sized, orange-red flowers with star shaped deep yellow centers.  Compact, upright, bushy grower. Excellent bloomer.    $15.00

Vireya 'Craig Faragher'

'Craig Faragher'                               
R. gracilentum x R. jasminiflorum

Dwarf, spreading plant great for basket culture.  Small, delicate, soft pink tubes with fared lobes on a small leafed bush.                         $15.00                                                                       

Vireya 'Cyril'

R. leucogigas x (R. konori x R. laetum)

Large, very fragrant, sturdy flowers of pale pink/creamy-white with spots of dark pink where petals meet.  Large sturdy leaves. 
Upright open habit.                         

Vireya Bob's Crowning Glory

'Charming Valentino'
St. Valentine selfted

Large, ruffled red bells on a small leaved, bushy shrub.  Good container plant.  Excellent repeat bloomer.                              $15.00

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