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(H018) 'Dr. H. Sleumer'      X     (R. macgregoriae x  R. aurigeranum)           

Small to medium sized deep red-orange flowers with equally bright, contrasting yellow centers.  Dome shaped trusses on an upright, bushy grower.                                         $15.00

Vireya H018='Dr. Sleumer X (R.macgregoriae x R. aurigeranum)
Vireya 'Haloed Gold'

'Haloed Gold'
R. christianae x 'Tropic Glow'

Large, deep yellow flowers with a vivid red
orange edged halo. Good branching, upright, compact habit.  Excellent bloomer.   

Vireya 'Hampton Pride'

'Hampton Pride'

Large, light yellow flowers with deeper yellow throats and a wide pink halo.  Upright, tall, vigorous grower.                                  $15.00

Vireya 'Happy Wanderer'

'Happy Wanderer'
'Orania' X 'Rosy Chimes'

Small to medium sized crinkly, orange flowers on an open, low growing shrub. Good basket plant.  Great repeat bloomer.           

Vireya 'Harry Wu' Vireya of the Year 2002

'Harry Wu'  (Vireya of the year-2002)
R. zoelleri x R. leucogigas

Large, firm, yellow flowers with a wide apricot halo.  Large, sturdy leaves, upright grower. 
Excellent repeat bloomer.               

                              New Introduction--2007
Helwigii X {(Dr. Sleumer x R. aurigeranum)      x   R. leucogigas}

Large, velvety red, ruffled flowers on an upright, sturdy grower.  Long lasting flowers.
Hybridized by John Rouse of Au
.      $30.00                                                                                                 

Vireya Kapo (grex - select cultivar 'Teahouse'
Vireya 'HF 055A'

'HF 055A
'Shasta' X (R. letum x R. macgregoriae)

Large, firm flowers of deep orange with deep yellow throat.  Sometimes orange appears more as close stripes rather than solid color.  Large sturdy leaves, upright grower. Repeat bloomer. 

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